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The Erwin Group conducts direct sales at gun shows and flea markets. Check out our schedule!



Update: The Nugget Casino in Reno (Sparks) Nevada, June 26 - 28. has been canceled, due to the ongoing COVID-19 Global pandemic.

However, an outdoor gunshow will be held July 11-12, at St. Helens, Oregon, following all state-imposed guidelines.

See you there!

All other public events for The Erwin Group are cancelled, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We have been warned for years by experts in this area.

Just another indicator of societal decline / collapse, particularly in light of the inept early handling of this situation by many countries around the World, the U.S. in particular.


The current global civilization, led by the United States is repeating the same mistakes as those made by previous empires and civilizations within the last roughly 10,000 years of civilized human history.

We are currently experiencing the combined effects of climate change, potential resource depletion and other aspects of collapse, as projected by the 1972 MIT/Club of Rome Limits to Growth study.

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Building a bunker? Planning on emigrating to another country? Worried about your hired security? "Bugging out/bugging in"? Are these even the right things for your situation?

The Erwin Group focuses on:

- Self reliance and self-sufficiency.

- Real survival skills for the urban and suburban environments: Treating water, wild edibles, camouflage and concealment, etc.

- Military-grade security and capabilities, not only for the contemporary environment, but for potential third-world scenarios, such as rogue elements of law enforcement and military.


Jerry Erwin (Captain, U.S. Army, Military Intelligence, Retired) Has been involved with societal decline and preparedness most of his life. Mr. Erwin experienced personal collapse at an early age with the death of his mother at age 10. Shortly after that, due to his father's abuse, Mr. Erwin ended-up in California's foster care system, which was just as abusive.

Mr. Erwin has had a long military career. He originally joined the U.S. Army at 17 as an Infantryman, ultimately retiring from the U.S. Army Reserve as an All-Source Intelligence Officer, at the rank of Captain. During the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars, Mr. Erwin Served full-time in a myriad of assignments, from Counterintelligence to briefing three-star Corps Commanders on strategic issues.

Since retiring from military service, Mr. Erwin's greatest achievement as a professional survivalist has been to collaborate with the famous survivalist, James Wesley Rawles, of fame, serving as one of a handful of subject-matter experts for his novels.

Mr. Erwin holds a B.A. Degree (with Honors) in Intelligence Studies from American Military University. He also holds an A.S. Degree (Specialized) in Electronics Technology From Bay Valley Tech, formerly of Santa Clara, CA (His previous civilian career).

The Erwin Group also provides specific subject matter experts on subjects such as climate change, collapse theory, permaculture, communications, closed-loop systems, etc., tailored to an organization or individual's needs.


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